Studying Medicine in the United States is not something impossible to do but international students must understand that the process is different from what they might be used to in their home countries. In the United States, you just don’t come out of high school and apply to Medicine. In the United States you have to follow some steps:


  1. You have to obtain a bachelor’s degree or study 4 years of college with all the necessary prerequisites for medical school. These prerequisites vary from school to school but so that you have an idea some of the subjects are: biology, chemistry, physics, English among others
  2. You have to take the MCAT (MEDICAL COLLEGE ADMISSION TEST). A good result in this exam is very important. For more information regarding this exam please visit
  3. With a good GPA (Grade Point Average) and a good MCAT, you’re ready to apply to Medical School.


Once you are admitted to a Medical School it will take between 3-4 years to complete your Medical Degree. In order to obtain your Medical Degree in the United States, you have to take the USMLE (UNITED STATES MEDICAL LICENSING EXAMINATION). This exam is divided in 3 parts so you have USMLE 1, 2 and 3. You’re usually able to take these exams as you study so you can take the USMLE 1 after your second year of medical school, the second part when you’re finished and the third part during your first year of residency.


As you can see, in order to study Medicine in the US is not easy and it’s very challenging. If you are really committed to this, you should definitely start the process but if you are not sure and do not feel this is for you then maybe you should consider other options. To study medicine, you MUST love Medicine. It is challenging but at the end is a very rewarding profession. For more information or if you feel you want to start the process contact us at or . Visit us at or


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