If you are really good at sports you might want to consider getting an athletic scholarship. This is a good option for those students that have excelled in sports but are also very good students. Even though you are interested in obtaining one of these scholarships, international students need to follow all the necessary steps in order to get an admission from the school were you are considering the scholarship.


It is not an easy task since you are not in the US and no one knows you nor has seen you play. It is always a good idea to make a video and at FOREIGN STUDENT EDUCATIONAL AND ADVISORING SERVICES (FOSEAS) we will help you get in contact with universities, coaches and fill in the necessary requirements for your admission and for the scholarship as such. Another important item is to write a letter where you state your athletic achievements and how you see yourself in the future. You must also demonstrate eagerness and the desire to work hard and be challenged. Always be on top of things, showing a high motivation will give a good impression to coaches.


We recommend you start your search or reach us to help you with at least 12-18 months in advance. It is a long journey but it is not impossible.


Take into account that this kind of scholarships do not necessarily cover full costs so you might want to consider other types of financial aid too. Once you get an athletic scholarship you have to practice and be good at it but you also have to have good grades otherwise your scholarship can get lower or you can even get kicked out of the team. For more information e-mail us at . foseas.com; www.estudiarcollegeuniversidadinglesenusa.com



  1. Kipkorir Emmy Chesang

    i want to know the time they needed for someone to qualify for scholarship.

    • You have to apply with time. E-mail us!

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