As you all know it is very important to speak a second language different from our native language because that would give you broader opportunities in life. Although English is not spoken worldwide it is considered very important. In fact 1.5 million people speak it according to

In order to learn English, you can take classes in your home country and will certainly learn some words and some good grammar but if you want to speak and learn a language it is very important you live in an English speaking country. Why? Because when you immerse yourself in an English speaking country you learn not only about the language but its people and its culture and those are very important factors in order to learn and understand a language.

In the USA, you have the opportunity of coming and studying for a short term or a long term. You can study in a college or university or in a private English language institution. The difference between one or the other is that when you study in a college or university you have the opportunity of sharing college life since you can choose any of their housing options and students will usually have access to the college itself. You will also be having intensive English courses which means you will be studying English for a minimum of 18 hours/week although most of the colleges will offer 20 or more hours/week. In a private English institution you can decide whether to come for a few weeks or more and they are regularly more flexible and sessions will start every so often. When coming to the USA to study English you can prepare at the same time for the TOEFL ( or IELTS, exam required to enter a US college or university. If you are learning English due to business, work, pleasure or studies, remember it is better to learn it or reinforce it in an English speaking country like the US. You will be surprised how much you will advance.

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